(Born 09/2014; Arrived SOAR 03/2016)

Lexi is an attractive 4-year old spayed Pit Bull Terrier mix girl.  She weighs 45 pounds.  Lexi is both cat and dog aggressive.  In fact, Lexi has an innate prey drive that makes her keenly interested in just about any small animal that moves across her field of vision.  She likes people and will show no outward aggression toward them.  If you project a relaxed, calm and confident demeanor in relating to her, and you have a good supply of tennis balls and treats on hand, your reward will be a lifetime with an affectionate, playful, and loyal companion who is very good with commands.  The very few times in 2.5 years at SOAR that she has shown any hostility toward anyone has been in the presence of a “trigger” (mostly the close presence of alpha type or very small dogs, or overtly tentative behavior by a handler), as a local trainer familiar with Lexi refers to it.

As far as Lexi’s needs for an adoptive home go, this is what the trainer has to say…”The only type of home for Lexi is one in which she would be a companion to a home bound person or persons (we would add to that any person who lives a relatively private life, whether home based or even often “on the move”, like say in the case of a long haul trucker).  They would need a 6 foot fence (or a very large rural tract) that was secure from other animals coming in and of course so that she could not escape (Lexi is very athletic – she can jump high, and would do so not necessarily because she just wants to escape, but because she wants to satisfy her prey drive at the expense of an unwitting cat or dog or small animal).  The owner should not expect Lexi to go on walks (at least not in your typical neighborhood setting with many other pets nearby), visit dog parks, go for walks on the beach (unless sufficiently private or secluded), or have a lot of visitors.  She needs a calm environment (and one with no other pets).”

These kinds of stipulations should explain our difficulty so far in finding Lexi a proper home.  Hurricane Florence has added to our challenge.  Lexi cannot return to her damaged kennel at SOAR.  She is currently staying at our county shelter (Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services) as that is our only option for her right now.  Lexi needs a permanent home now more than ever.