(Born 04/2006; Arrived SOAR 07/2011, then 04/2015)

Hey, SOAR friends – yes it’s me, Sammie, back with you once again.  I know, we said our goodbyes in November 2014 (click on the link to our November 2014 post ”Sammie The Boy Is Adopted” highlighted in red), but very few things are for certain, as the saying goes.  Sadly, my human’s health was declining to the point where I wasn’t getting the care I deserve, so here I am.  I hope you don’t mind — you know I’m a good boy, and the good news is that I have managed to lose some weight, and that I have wrangled myself a promotion to “Cattery Greeter In Chief.”  I have been looking for more than two years now for my next home.  I hope I can find it real soon.