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BC (F)

(Born 09/2006; Arrived SOAR 10/2018) Hello everyone.  I am BC, a senior lady with many years of "Barn Cat" service under my belt.  Everything was great with me until I got into a little mess with one of those predator types out there where I was working.  I ended up...

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(Born 12/2017; Arrived SOAR 03/2018) Cuddle here, announcing my official transition from SOAR Kitten to SOAR Cat status.  I was taken to SOAR after having been found in a barn in Whiteville with my 3 sibs.  They have since found homes, but I am still waiting.  I am an...

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(Born 05/2005; Arrived SOAR 03/2017)  Hello friends of SOAR.  I am Baggy, formerly of the Queen City of Charlotte, where I had been living with my good friend Addie.  Due to unavoidable circumstances we had to leave our home of many years.  I am  neutered, UTD on...

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(Born 04/2006; Arrived SOAR 07/2011, then 04/2015) Hey, SOAR friends – yes it’s me, Sammie, back with you once again.  I know, we said our goodbyes in November 2014 (click on the link to our November 2014 post ”Sammie The Boy Is Adopted” highlighted in red), but very...

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(Born 12/2009; Arrived SOAR 08/2011) Harper here.  Bet those paw prints have you thinking I must have scaled the wall to get to this window perch of mine.  Not really, but I did jump up here with no trouble at all–pretty good for a young lady with only one hind leg,...

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(Born 04/2009; Arrived SOAR 05/2009) Sam I am - a man of very few words.  I'd much rather let my sister Saki do the talking, but she's no chatterbox herself, so here goes.  Like our Big Cat Room buddy Oakie we have been hanging out here since 2009.  You should have...

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  (Born 06/2009; Arrived SOAR 09/2009) Oakie here, reporting to you live from the big cat room, where actually, there are no Big Cats - like lions and tigers.  I came to SOAR as a frisky kitten, right about the same time as my roommates Saki and Sam  got here.  Don’t...

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(Born 08/2009; Arrived SOAR 02/2011)  Dinah here, the Brown Tabby, who with my ex-housemate Rambo came to SOAR as young adults in 2011.  Now--ahem--middle aged, we find ourselves still here...patiently waiting.  I admit to being a little – how shall I say…"reserved?"...

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(Born 08/2009; Arrived SOAR 02/2011) Rambo here, with my ex-housemate Dinah, the Brown Tabby in the background.  As she has probably told you herself, we came to SOAR as young adults in 2011.  Like her, I am on the shy side and do a lot of observing of my own, though...

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