If they were in L.A.” – but they weren’t, so we had to find someplace a little closer to shelter our dogs from the recent arctic blast.  Thanks to a run of adoptions end-of-year (“Homes For The Holidays/Merry Christmas!!!”), and to Miss Jessie taking First New Year Adoption honors,

we were down to just Lexi, Bernie and Carly.  No worries…Up steps our good friends Lorretta and Allen at Canine Academy on behalf of Lexi and Bernie,

and our volunteers Agnes and Rick on behalf of Carly, and

problem solved.  And it gets better.  Agnes and Rick manage to foster Miss Carly right into her furever home!

We and our animals are blessed to be among such good friends.  Now Lexi and Bernie are on their way back to SOAR.  With temperatures moderating, they will be getting some new canine friends real soon.