Too fast to live; too young to die…that was our Sparkie-Dixie.  “Sparkie-Dix” went home all too suddenly a week ago today, one month short of her 11th birthday.  A spark plug she was in physique and in spirit.  A happy girl from beginning to end.  We’ve been friends from the day she joined us in February 2008 – a pregnant stray who had hitched a ride with Oak Island Animal Control.  She would be named “Sparkie” and would soon give birth to Sonny, Sultan and Sheba.  The puppies were snatched up quickly and then Sparkie found a new home that June.  She came back to us the following January as “Dixie.”  In the nearly 8 years since, she has left her mark on the hearts of many and will be sorely missed – most especially by me.


The Sparkie-Dixie story is told through so many pics in our archives.  These are personal faves….

Sparkie-Dixie 2014 Xmas-By-The-Sea     Sparkie-Dixie & Maggie Lin


Dixie 3     Sparkie-Dixie052016

Go with the wind, Spark.  I’ll be looking for you on the other side…