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These gorgeous long hair tuxedo cats look like twins but aren’t even related. There were adopted by Miss Tracy who has given them a wonderful life and she shared this update with us:

They are doing very well in spite of going to vet 2 times  now – they were neutered on Monday 2/15 & it was like nothing happened.  Boys are so easy.

They are still skittish when I am walking around & if a person comes in the house but hopefully as they get settled they will feel totally comfortable.

They are getting along pretty good and with getting fixed should be great.

Elliot is a super love bunny and talks alot.  He will walk right on me & snuggle my neck.  Edward likes lots of pets & to be close to me.  They both sleep next to me.

I just adore them both.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to adopt 2 super sweet boys.

They are really enjoying the porch which is now their catio.  My friend is building them an all weather cat tree for their catio.

Thank you so much for giving them to me.

Thank YOU for adopting these sweethearts, Tracy and for sharing the update!