Our sweet Callie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, two weeks to the day after joining us at SOAR.  Her picture and her story never did make it to our Cats page.  Hers is a story of the bad and good in individuals.  It’s also a story of the rescue groups and private non-profit shelters – like SOAR – taking on challenges in spite of their limited resources.

One day last October, an abandoned, disheveled Callie somehow found her way into a stranger’s home, discovered in his dining room, of all places.  He promptly took her to the local vet that looks after his two dogs.  The examination revealed that she was 7-10 years old, malnourished and anemic from a heavy flea infestation.  She was also declawed and just about deaf.  Our stranger opened his wallet and his heart to Callie, paying for her vaccinations, her spaying, and her flea treatment.  Home she went with the stranger who would become her good friend Robert for the next three months.  But there was one problem – one of the dogs.  No more dining rooms.  Callie would have to be confined to the bedroom for her safety sake.  Not the greatest life for the girl.  That’s where SOAR comes in.

Robert contacted us here at the website to see if we had room for her.  Now we are not a sanctuary by any means, but thanks to the vet and to Robert, Callie was apparently back in reasonably good health, all things considered.  And after all, we had the space, and we have taken in our share of older cats, a smattering of cats with manageable physical limitations, and of course cats infected with FeLV and FIV.  Happily, we have found new homes for many of them over the years, so why not Callie?  In she came, with a nice donation and a thank you for being the only ones who ever even replied to the request for help.

Callie did well for the first few days but then began to decline.  Cathy took her to one of our vets on what would be her last day.  They told her that Callie had a stricture of her GI tract.  It was a large tumor, one that had avoided detection back in October.  She was suffering.  It was hard for Cathy – hard to have to make the decision, hard to have to tell Robert, who was there for Callie when she needed someone who cared.

Goodbye sweet Callie.  You were loved.  Just not for as long as you deserved.  Some sunny day girl.