This ‘Golden Boy’ has created quite a stir out there in just the 2+ weeks since he arrived from Animal Protective Services.  Our phone has been ringing off the hook and our website has seen multiple contacts regarding Logan.  The level of interest is most appreciated by us, but there is a problem in that Logan is not quite ready for adoption as we indicated in his profile.  We are uncomfortable with accumulating names of interested adopters, and with having to deal with the pressures that go along with such a practice; that is not something we literally want to do in this case with Logan.  So, as of today (02/24), we are temporarily removing his picture and profile from the Dogs Page of our website.  We will reestablish him on the website as soon as we think he is ready to be offered for adoption.  That, we hope, will happen in the mid-March time frame.  We will maintain no lists in the interim period. 

Once again, we appreciate the interest in Logan.  We regret any misunderstanding, and look forward to your continued support.