Sam 2

(Born 04/2009; Arrived SOAR 05/2009; Adopted 04/2019!)

Sam I am – a man of very few words.  I’d much rather let my sister Saki do the talking, but she’s no chatterbox herself, so here goes.  Like our Big Cat Room buddy Oakie we have been hanging out here since 2009.  You should have seen Saki and me when we first arrived as kittens – flashes of black and white, putting on a show in our cage, visions of toppled lamps and tattered draperies dancing in our heads.  But that was then, and, well, you know the rest.  Though a quiet fellow, I am quite social and according to some, a regular treat addict.  I am proud to say that I am an original member of “The Broom Team” with Oakie and Louie.  Please give my sister and me a chance, together or apart.  We promise our days of mischief making are behind us.