These animals have found their new forever home!


(Born 12/2016; Arrived SOAR 08/2018; Transferred To Cabarrus County 09/13/18) Well hello...and I thought it was only the website guy and me here in the SOAR exercise yard.  Surprise!  My name is Shelley, recently from Brunswick County Sheriff's Animal Protective...

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(Born 01/2016; Arrived SOAR 06/2018; Transferred To Cabarrus County 09/13/18) Hey all.  Chase here, on my first venture out in the SOAR exercise yard.  I am a 50-pound Treeing Walker Hound mix from Animal Protective Services, neutered, vaccinated, and on the schedule...

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(Born 02/2015; Arrived SOAR 02/2018; Transferred To Cabarrus County 09/13/18) Hi all...Miss Daisy here, joining the SOAR gang with my friend Logan after a short stay with Animal Protective Services.  I am a sleek and mannerly Labrador Retriever/Pointer or Border...

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(Born 10/2006; Arrived SOAR 09/2018; Adopted 02/2019) Who's that silky smooth bright-eyed beauty?  Why it's me, Otis.  I'm here at SOAR now because the family has to move and can't take me with them.  I had been with them ever since they adopted me as a kitten, living...

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(Born 03/2017; Arrived SOAR 04/2018; Transferred To Raleigh Rescue 06/04/18; Adopted 09/04/18)    

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(Born 06/2012; Arrived SOAR 07/2012; Transferred to Raleigh Rescue 06/04/18; Adopted 08/23/18)  

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