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(Born 06/2009; Arrived SOAR 09/2009; Adopted 04/2019!)

Oakie here, reporting to you live from the big cat room, where actually, there are no Big Cats – like lions and tigers.  I came to SOAR as a frisky kitten, right about the same time as my roommates Saki and Sam  got here.  Don’t tell them, but that was more than a little while ago now (actually, it was 2009 if you are keeping track).  Supposedly, Dinah’s ‘cat guy’ is going around saying I definitely have some Bombay genes. Well, whatever.  Among my SOAR credentials are Big Cat Room Lead Greeter and Broom Team Captain (click on the Meet “The Broom Team” link for more about that).  If you haven’t already gotten the idea, I am a very social boy who would definitely brighten your days if you would just give me the chance.  Did I tell you how I got my name?  I’ll tell you when you come by to take me home.