(Born 09/2014; Arrived SOAR 03/2016)

Lexi here, reporting to you from my posh accommodations at SOAR. I was homeless on Holden Beach until a nice human picked me up and took care of me for a while. She decided it was best for me to be placed in a rescue and offered up for adoption, so she made the call and here I am. I am a striking mix of American Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier and Hound, weighing in at 40-45 pounds.

I was born to follow – – you name the game.  Running through commands, walking, bicycling (that would be you on the bike with me trotting alongside of course), cardio stuff like the treadmill, navigating the agility course in the exercise yard…it’s all one big treat for me.  And you simply must check out my “Lexi’s 3-Minute Workout, Part I AND Part II!”  Are you getting the picture?…Extremely athletic girl…motivated to please…ISO of human companionship and a place where she can be herself?

There are a couple of flies in the ointment.  The first is that I am an absolute danger to cats, so definitely no cats in the home – for their sakes!  The second is that sooner or later I will have trouble getting along with most other dogs.  One minute we can be enjoying a “good visit”, the next minute a spark can ignite something in me and I get belligerent.  SOAR sent me to school to work on my social skills, and though there were some breakthroughs, I still can get testy around my kennel mates at the shelter.  At my very best, I will tend to mind my own business if we are both on a leash and just walking straight ahead, separated by our respective handlers.  Bottom line:  They are recommending a one pet only home for me.

I am current on vaccinations, spayed, and Heartworm negative.  Hope you’ll come out and see me if I sound like the right fit for you.