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Recently joining the SOAR family…

Sisters Foxy and Sassy (Born 04/2018; Arrived SOAR 06/2018) ***Update*** Foxy & Sassy adopted 08/29/18.

Sisters Winnie, Wendy, and Wanda, and their brothers Winston and Wesley (Born 03/2018; Arrived SOAR 06/2018) ***Update*** Winston & Wesley adopted 08/11/18.  Wendy adopted 09/08/18.  Winnie & Wanda adopted 10/10/18.

***Update*** Tiny adopted 08/17/18.  Fuzzy adopted 08/18/18.

***Update*** Blaze adopted 07/24/18.

***Update*** Fluffy adopted 08/15/18. 

Brothers Fuzzy and Tiny, their sister Blaze, and their brother Fluffy (Born 04/2018; Arrived SOAR 06/2018)