SOAR is currently open by appointment only. Please leave a message at 910-457-6340.

(Born 08/2009; Arrived SOAR 02/2011) 

Dinah here, the Brown Tabby, who with my ex-housemate Rambo came to SOAR as young adults in 2011.  Now–ahem–middle aged, we find ourselves still here…patiently waiting.  I admit to being a little – how shall I say…”reserved?” – but as my favorite ‘cat guy’ around here would tell you, I am sure to thrive like once before in a nice home setting.  So, don’t expect me to come running to greet you when you enter the cat room where I am living…no, that would be more like Oakie’s style, not mine.  More than anything, I like to stay in the background and observe.  Once I know I shouldn’t be afraid of you I will happily accept pets and even give head butts.  Looking forward to your visit..