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(Born 09/2006; Arrived SOAR 10/2018)

Hello everyone.  I am BC, a senior lady with many years of “Barn Cat” service under my belt.  Everything was great with me until I got into a little mess with one of those predator types out there where I was working.  I ended up losing my right foreleg, but I’m getting pretty comfortable living the life of a “tripod” so don’t you worry too much.  Following my surgery, SOAR got me transferred into their shelter from Southport Animal Hospital.  Being cooped up inside a lot is not exactly my style, but I had been living pretty happily alternating between my outside barn duties and enjoying the comforts of indoor living in the evenings and overnight.  I would love to return to that lifestyle.  Am spayed, fully vetted, and quite social…Will work for food and a warm bed at night.