marshaJuly 2 was the 10th anniversary of the darkest day in SOAR history. Volunteers arriving early in the morning to care for the animals were met by a sight that they did not expect and hope to never, ever see again. There were dead cats everywhere and they had died a most brutal death. And in the main cattery were two blood covered, sleeping, pit bull dogs. Somehow during the night they had gotten access to SOAR property and went on a cat killing spree. After they had killed all of the outside cats that they could catch they went into the main cattery and continued the carnage. Only when there were no more cats within their reach did they stop. They slaughtered 15 cats.

Many law enforcement officials came as did the news media. Papers and national TV aired the story. While the owner of the dogs was quickly identified it was never determined just how the dogs gained access to what we thought were secure areas.  Obviously, they were not secure enough.

The volunteers were devastated.  They fed them, cleaned their cages, and played with and petted them every day.  They loved these cats very much.

The ashes of Dusty, Big Boy, Pete, Ashby, Sebastian, Oreo, Wyndie, Tigger, Friendly, Sasha, Arby, Trixie, Heath, Toola, and Holly were scattered in the SOAR cemetery and a monument to their memory put in place. If you come to SOAR please stop by the cemetery and pay your respects.