(Born 07/2017; Arrived SOAR 10/2017) ***ADOPTION PENDING***

From Jacksonville FL, to Greenville SC, to Southport NC – 3 stops in 3 months…For a little guy like me it feels like I’ve traveled the world in my short time on earth, but I’m none the worse for wear.  My name is Lewey, and as recently as last month I found myself all alone, caught in the middle of a disaster they called Hurricane Irma.  The good folks at the Jacksonville Humane Society rescued me, and during my vet visit I was tested FeLV positive.  So what else could go wrong?  Well, so far, actually nothing.  From Jacksonville, I got a free ride north to Greenville County Animal Care in SC, a place dedicated to sheltering cats and dogs displaced by events such as Irma.  Once there, I got more routine medical care, like FVRCP boosters and spay/neuter, while they searched for a place where they shelter cats with FeLV and FIV.  Long story short, SOAR answered the call, and another 300 miles later, here I am.  I am a very affectionate and interactive kitten – 13 weeks old on October 9.  If you want to fall in love again come out to SOAR for a visit.  I’ll just nibble on your fingers and you will be sold.