No one is keeping official count, as far I know, but this kitten season could well be topping them all…surely not something to celebrate.  Shelters, rescue groups and caring individuals all around us are doing their best to help contain the damage.  Meet the latest wave of little kids to join us at SOAR (all on July 17, all coming in from Animal Protective Services)…



Wags is a male; Whiskers is a female.  They are both about 12 weeks old as of August 10, though they are unrelated.  They are not ‘fixed’ yet.




Ginger and Rosie are females; Leo is a male.  They are siblings, approximately 20 weeks old as of August 3.  They are not ‘fixed’ yet.

Come out to SOAR to see them.  Don’t be surprised if they are not the last of our 2017 kitten waves.

***UPDATE***  Rosie was adopted on August 7, 2017.

***UPDATE 2***  Ginger was adopted on August 12, 2017