Kittens currently available for adoption at SOAR.

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More Kittens In The House!

Meet the newest wave of SOAR kittens…Mopsi, Floppsy, Peter and Cottontail…  MOPSI (F) FLOPPSY (M) PETER (M) COTTONTAIL (F) MOPSI & COTTONTAIL MOPSI & PETER Floppsy, Mopsi and Peter are siblings.  They were born on March 20, 2017.  Cottontail was...

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(Born 04/2017; Arrived SOAR 05/2017) Hello everybody.  I am Minette, and but for the grace of Heaven and a special lady who rescued me during a terrible storm on Oak Island, I would not be here at SOAR today, or anywhere else on this earth, for that matter.  Now a...

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We took in two sets of 3 kittens each back in early May.  They are now available for adoption.  This is the younger set, minus one male (now named Milo), who has already been adopted… The one on the left is a female; to her right is her brother (Update 06/02/17:...

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