(Born 12/2015; Arrived SOAR 06/2017)

I’m pretty girl Petra, and I’m watching you.  I just want to be ready – you know – in case you have some treats and some belly rubs to send my way.  Oh no, I wouldn’t want to miss those!  So, my story is that I landed at SOAR by way of Brunswick County Sheriff’s Animal Protective Services, where I was surrendered in one of those all-too-familiar “moving” situations.  I am a spayed 45 pound girl – possibly a mix of Dalmation, Bassett Hound, Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldog…whatever.  I have already had some very impressive workouts on SOAR’s agility equipment, which speaks to my ability to focus and follow direction.  And how about those freckles, huh!  Say, speaking of my “focus”, you need to know that it might be a little too intense when it comes to cats.  No cats at home?  I’m your girl.