(Born 12/2015; Arrived SOAR 12/2016)

Say everyone, it’s time for Mistletoe and Holly!  Yeah, sorry…guess I just couldn’t help myself, but after all, I am a Christmastime arrival at SOAR.  Yep, I came in from Animal Protective Services on December 28 with my feline friend Gracie.  I am a neutered Treeing Walker Hound mix weighing about 45 pounds.  The website guy got to check me out during my photo session and told me he thought I was a good girl.  I am sure there will be more good news about me to come.***  See you all in 2017.  Have a happy!  Or dare I say, a “Holly Jolly?”

***This just in…The website guy says to tell you that I handle quite well and that I like to play and work out on the agility stuff, but that I might be trouble around cats and small animals.