(Born 03/2013; Arrived SOAR 07/2017)

Buddy here.  I am a Chihuahua/Feist mix weighing about 25 pounds.  I was a lost and lonely child on Fourth Of July night.  A nice man found me and gave me something to eat and a safe place to sleep for the night.  He already had several rescue dogs to take care of so he brought me to Animal Protective Services the next day, and then reached out to some of the local private shelters to see if they could help me.  That’s how I got to SOAR.  They have found me to be quite a friendly (except with cats) and happy boy who walks well on the leash, though I can get distracted by little creatures scurrying about.  Lexi even seemed to like walking with me, which I’m told is something of a big deal.  I have had all my shots and have been fixed.  Stop by and meet me.