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(Born 02/2014; Arrived SOAR 02/2017) Is that a great profile or what?  No, I’m not pointing the way to the nearest wildlife – those are days gone by, I hope.  In fact, last thing I remember before a brief stay at Animal Protective Services and then coming...

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(Born 10/2014; Arrived SOAR 02/2017) Hiya folks…Winston is my name and “cute” is my game.  I ended up here at SOAR after being picked up as a stray by Animal Protective Services.  The only reason I’m not jumping for joy over the way things...

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(Born 01/2014; Arrived SOAR 01/2017) Hi everyone.  I am Penny Lane – the new Beagle in town.  Some kind folks picked me up as a stray (actually, a yard escapee) in Southport.  With two other dogs in the home already, they could not keep me.  My owner was found...

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(Born 12/2015; Arrived SOAR 12/2016) Say everyone, it’s time for Mistletoe and Holly!  Yeah, sorry…guess I just couldn’t help myself, but after all, I am a Christmastime arrival at SOAR.  Yep, I came in from Animal Protective Services on December 28...

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(Born 09/2014; Arrived SOAR 03/2016) Lexi here, reporting to you from my new accommodations at SOAR. I was homeless on Holden Beach until a nice human picked me up and took care of me for a while. She decided it was best for me to be placed in a rescue and offered up...

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