Dogs currently available for adoption at SOAR.

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(Born 03/2017; Arrived SOAR 11/2017) Mr. Memphis here.  I shared a SOAR courtesy van out of Animal Protective Services with my buds Henry and Jessie.  Now, I’m looking to share a ride with someone like you on this here see-saw in the exercise yard, though  being...

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(Born 10/2016; Arrived SOAR 11/2017) Hey everybody.  It’s Jessie, and I’m all smiles following a very fun trip up and down the SOAR “Dog Walk.”  Speaking of trips, me and the boys – Memphis and Henry – made the journey together from...

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(Born 09/2013; Arrived SOAR 11/2017) Henry here…Coming to you live from this cool tunnel in the SOAR exercise yard.  I’m a playful little guy (a mix of Feist and maybe Corgi, or Fox Terrier), so this agility course they have here is right up my alley. ...

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(Born 03/2011; Arrived SOAR 10/2017) Zoey is my name and I am 50 pounds of pure, lovable Boxer.  I grew from a puppy to a 6-year old in the home I must leave behind because of circumstances beyond my control.  I am spayed, Heartworm negative, and UTD on vaccinations. ...

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(Born 07/2016; Arrived SOAR 10/2017) Umm, umm good!  Bernie here, the 50-pound Boxer/Hound mix, and yes, let there be no doubt that I am treat motivated.  They say that’s a good thing here at SOAR because I like to be active, so a reward will go a long way...

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(Born 12/2015; Arrived SOAR 06/2017) I’m pretty girl Petra, and I’m watching you.  I just want to be ready – you know – in case you have some treats and some belly rubs to send my way.  Oh no, I wouldn’t want to miss those!  So, my story...

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(Born 09/2014; Arrived SOAR 03/2016) Lexi here, reporting to you from my posh accommodations at SOAR. I was homeless on Holden Beach until a nice human picked me up and took care of me for a while. She decided it was best for me to be placed in a rescue and offered up...

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