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(Born 09/2016; Arrived SOAR 03/2017) Well if this doesn’t beat living hand-to-mouth out there in nature!  My name is Kali, and if it wasn’t for the gentleman who discovered me, the folks at SOAR who took me in, and the staff at Southport Animal Hospital, I...

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(Born 09/2006; Arrived SOAR 02/2017) Hello Southport, Hello Oak Island.  This is Blackie, recently from Asheboro – in the central part of the state.  My mom had to give up our apartment and enter assisted care out that way so I needed a new place to live myself....

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(Born 02/2012; Arrived SOAR 01/2017) ***ADOPTION PENDING*** Greetings to all.  My name is Olive, the second of the pretty girls so named to be taking up residency in the SOAR cattery.  I am super sweet and friendly, so I can’t even begin to understand how I...

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(Born 05/2013; Arrived SOAR 12/2016) Hi, all.  My name is Gracie, though I suppose you could say I am technically “Gracie II” since there was another Gracie living here earlier this year.  SOAR brought me here from Animal Protective Services between...

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(Born 02/2015; Arrived SOAR 11/2016) Tony! Tony! Tony! here, or call me just plain Tony, for short.  Someone rescued me as a stray, and when they took me to be fixed, well, that’s when we found out I am FIV positive.  So here I am having a swell time at SOAR...

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(Born 09/2015; Arrived SOAR 11/2016) Hey, ‘Charlie The Boy’ here.  Some nice folks recently took me in as a stray, but when it became apparent that relations with their dog would not get past the chilly stage I guess I had to be first boy out.  So here I...

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(Born 08/2011; Arrived SOAR 11/2016) Here’s an interesting tidbit for you all…My name is Ollie, a Himalayan type who got here by way of a trade with a boy named Oliver.  Go figure huh!  So first, I was rescued by the folks at Adopt-An-Angel.  Then, when...

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(Born 07/2007; Arrived SOAR 10/2016) Hiya folks, William is my name and pets and more pets is my game.  I am an FIV positive boy who moved here from a shelter in Jacksonville, FL.  I wasn’t having much fun down there as I was living a solitary life apart from...

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(Born 04/2014; Arrived SOAR 08/2016) Miss Minnie here – a 2-year old tabby.  I am a recent transfer to SOAR from the Duplin County animal shelter.  I had been more or less discarded – left along with my 7 kittens for the Duplin County folks to deal with....

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