Cats – FeLV And FIV

Currently available for adoption at SOAR.


Pictured on this page are our cats who have the Feline Leukemia or Feline Immunodeficiency Viruses (FeLV and FIV, respectively). These distinct diseases are highly contagious among cats (but not a threat to dogs or humans); they can be spread through biting, social grooming, common litter box use, and shared food and water bowls. Both diseases suppress a cat’s immune system, leaving it most vulnerable to other bacterial and viral infections that can eventually lead to its death. There is no known cure for FeLV, or FIV, though there is a relatively effective preventive FeLV vaccine for cats at risk of exposure.

SOAR’s FeLV and FIV cats are treated to the same care and human interaction as are our other cats. They live in their own separate structures, each having an attached screened porch where they can bask in the sun and show off for staff, volunteers, and visitors. They are happy and social, and in the main as healthy looking as they can be. Many have and will enjoy fairly long lifespans (Taz has been with us since 2008 and is pushing 10 years living with FeLV). In a word, they are adoptable. Don’t overlook these sweet kids on your next visit to SOAR.