SOAR ‘greybeards’ like me, John Hollis and Jack Floyd remember this sweet girl.  It’s  Million Dollar Baby (now “Milli”), SOAR class of 2006!  The girl with the greatest name ever in the annals of SOAR has surfaced after lo these many years just to let us know that she now calls Germany home.  What a treat!  “Who loves ya, ‘Baby’?”


Thought you might enjoy hearing the Million Dollar Baby story as told by Jack.  It goes like this:

One day some 11 years ago Jack went to the then Brunswick County Animal Shelter to pick out a dog to fill a kennel vacancy at SOAR.  A woman named Sara there at the shelter urges Jack to pick out MDB.  She’s not on the shelter staff – just a lady who had become attached to an apparently homeless MDB who would wander around her neighborhood, and who she learned was to ultimately end up at the county shelter.  Well Sara prevails, Jack succumbs, and MDB moves to SOAR.  At SOAR, Sara maintains her connection with MDB on a weekly basis and makes periodic donations until Jamie and family show up a couple of months later and take MDB home to Raleigh.  Eleven years hence, MDB’s off to Germany.  Jack thinks Sara would be thrilled to see MDB’s picture and to hear that MDB is doing fine.  I bet she would.