• At the time of adoption, all animals will have all age appropriate vaccinations and be spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs (upon arrival and/or annually) will be tested for heartworm and subsequently put on heartworm treatment or monthly heartworm prevention as applicable.
  • You must agree to take your new pet in for regular vet visits, checkups and health maintenance.
  • Adequate shelter must be provided for dogs and a fenced-in yard is preferred for larger dogs.
  • Dogs must be leashed when taken outside of enclosed yards. No dog will be allowed to “run free” in the community or spend time on a chain.
  • Home visits may be required by SOAR before adoptions are completed.
  • Please feel free to bring other dogs that are already a part of your family to SOAR to meet your potential new pet. (In fact, we encourage this)
  • Cats must remain strictly as indoor house pets.

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Cat Adoption Southport NC